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business enterprise consulting

oxgox serves leading businesses to help make lasting improvements to their performance and realize their most important goals. Ranging from product/service launch, post-merger integration, post-divestiture separation, business strategy and innovation, organization change management, business operations and process transformation, to cost/revenue optimization, oxgox delivers high value to clients across key industry sectors and functional areas.

information technology

Our credo is that technology should provide a significant source of competitive advantage to our clients, not just keep the lights on. So we strive to enable our clients’ technology organizations to support its business strategy, not impede it. We help companies address a wide variety of technology-related decisions and ensure their IT organizations and operating models are agile and effective.  Our service offerings in this area include business/IT strategy and innovation, application portfolio rationalization, IT organization and operating model, associated organization change management, IT cost optimization, IT/business process reengineering, and global sourcing.


Protecting corporate information assets has never been more important. The exponential growth of data and “digital exhaust” presents opportunities for organizations to get an edge in today’s competitive landscape, yet the risks associated with intellectual property landing in the wrong hands are high, so breaches occur too often at great cost. Today, companies are not only faced with the challenge of implementing the right technical controls and policies to address these business risks, but also the difficulty in transitioning from legacy environments to 21st century applications and architectures, and to the virtualization of workforces.

oxgox understands these challenges and advises companies on various aspects of information security. Our approach is simple, we don’t just provide our clients with “decks”; we are accountable for the successful implementation of the strategies we recommend. From a 90-Day get well assessment, to implementation of a comprehensive Data Loss Prevention program, oxgox offers the expertise to get it done. Please visit our product/services page for detailed service offerings.

life sciences

oxgox was founded on its capabilities of predictive analytics as applied to the rapidly expanding opportunities in big data. Our software tools and applications apply this expertise to help enterprises compete within life sciences, and offers consulting services to clients seeking competitive advantage in the industry.

Global pharmaceutical firms struggle to estimate market share loss and price response for branded drugs when generics are introduced. oxgox helps pharma companies gain tactical advantage in market entry, sales territory alignment, competitive analysis of global country-markets, and detailed tactical options to recover lost sales due to market entry by competitors; or for technology companies we help evaluate the importance of stage and type of patent protection; or for research organizations we quantify the impact of specific regulatory conditions.


The above issues present important challenges and opportunities for enterprises – but how can decision makers optimize in such dynamically competitive markets? oxgox provides the means to solve highly dynamic cybersecurity and epidemiological problems. Like breakdowns in endpoint security, increases in insider threats to information security, or in life sciences, crawling social media to uncover risks of drug side-effects or solving the challenges presented by competitor drugs in worldwide pharma markets. Our team offers a rare intersection of talent in cybersecurity, technology, and consulting, as well as attention to detail and implementation.